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Substances made from aquatic organisms

In addition to the finished products, PharmOcean Lab. also produces substances / extracts from various aquatic organisms, each of them is unique due to the content of a vast range of bioactive substances for human health.
These components can be used in the manufacture of finished products in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries
 SUBSTANCES / Extracts
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  1. Bivalved mollusks extract - source of aminoaсid (taurine etc.)
  2. Chitosan from King crab carapace
  3. Calcium alginate nutritional from laminaria japonica
  4. Fucoidan from laminaria japonica
  5. Holothurians (trepang) extract - source of triterpene glycosides (saponins of animal origin)
  6. Squid nerve knot product - source of peptides
  7. Sea urchin roe extract - source of Omega-3, phospholipids
  8. Salmonid fishes milt nutritional product - source of DNA, nucleotides
  9. Squid liver oil - source of Omega-3, alkyl- glycerin ether
  10. Squid, salmon and shark cartilaginous tissue extract - source of collagen, chondroitin, glucosamin
  11. Gel from laminaria japonica etc.