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Bilanorm liver cells restoration with corbicula japonica

For the protection and normalization of liver function.

  • The preparations is based on Japanese carbicula, contains amino acids necessary for the body, rarely found in terrestrial organisms.
  • Has powerful protection and support of the liver.


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BILANORM promotes a decrease in the level of ammonia in the body, contributes to the normalization of hepatic enzyme activity. Under the influence of this preparations, the restoration of the function of liver cells is accelerated. Bilanorm is prescribed for the purpose of faster recovery of the liver in situations where the patient suffered a chronic or acute damage to this organ, during treatment with antibiotics and other preparations that can adversely affect the liver.

BILANORM is recommended to apply:

  • As a means of supporting basic therapy and as a preventive agent for diseases: liver (hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma, alcoholic hepatosis); as well as cardiovascular system (arterial hypertension, ischemic disease, cardiomyopathy, cardiac insufficiency).
  • In order to activate physical and mental performance.
  • For better recovery and growth of muscle mass.
  • To accelerate the processes of tissue regeneration after surgery, chemical and thermal burns, blood loss.

In addition, BILANORM can be recommended to the elderly (as a means of supporting the function of the liver) and athletes, especially under heavy loads (removes lactic acid, restores the reserves of ATP, phosphocreatine after training).

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Main Ingredients:

Powder hydrolyzate of fermentative corbicula.
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Mode of application:

times a day
while eating
15 days
Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Additional Information

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Before use, consult a doctor.

Shelf life: 2 years. Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature up to 25°C.

Supplements. It is not a medicine.

STO 74981775-003-2012.