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Eyesight supporting complex VisioMarine

Relief from eye fatigue and stress



  • Daily support for visual function, relief from eye fatigue for occupations which require intensive use of eyes.

  • Prevention of age-related degenerative changes in the retina.
  • Facilitation of faster recovery after lens replacement and other surgical procedures.

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Gadgets and computer monitors according to ophthalmologists, are a notable risk factor in the modern world are. And since it is impossible to avoid use these tools in everyday life, it is important to take care of eyesight! VisioMarine is a natural marine complex that gently and delicately affects the body, preserving youth and visual acuity.

VisioMarine complex is based on fermented scallop hydrolysate. Gentle production process (temperature 45-55 ° C and pH 7-8), preserves all the necessary amino acids with maximum biological activity. Amino acids are basic structure elements for human body in general, and eyes in specific. Upon entering the body amino acids head towards cells, which require support and initiate processes of regeneration of tissue, which is especially important in case of excessive stress, ageing or injury. These bioactive ingredients are known for antioxidant activity and neutralisation of free radicals, which destroy cells and trigger the ageing process, which results in formation of pathologies.

Major components of VisioMarine are taurine and lutein.

Taurine is an important amino acid, which is especially active with eye tissues and has considerable influence on eyesight.

 When entering human body taurine

  • restores eye tissues metabolic processes, improves oxygen and nutrients transport, initiates restoration and regeneration of the cornea, retina and other structures of the eye
  • plays an important role in the antioxidant protection of the lens from oxidative stress, which can lead to age-related changes in eye tissue and development of cataracts
  • reduces blood sugar level, which is detrimental to the small vessels of the retina (their damage leads to hemorrhages and a sharp decrease in vision), thereby helping to reduce the risk of developing retinopathy, one of diabetes mellitus.

Lutein is the main pigment of the macula or macular macula, the natural protector of the retina, and is responsible for clear vision and color perception of the world.

Macula enables eyesight, and lutein supports its functionality. As luthier is not synthesised in human body, it should be obtained from external sources. If sufficient level of lutein is not maintained, it’s deposits are depleting, which leads to eye malfunction. This is especially critical for those older that 40 years, as lutein depletion is coupled with eye ageing natural processes.

Besides long hours work with the computer, use of gadgets, artificial lighting and chronic lack of sleep also negatively affect the level of lutein, which in turn leads to overexertion and fatigue of the eyes, and, as a result, decreased vision.

Prevention of lutein depletion enables

  • sharp sight
  • retina health
  • eye pressure normalisation
  • prevention of eye damage due to oxidative stress
  • prevention of pigment accumulation, which leads to retina degenerative changes

VisioMarine is recommended for people, who

  • suffer from loss of eyesight sharpness
  • suffer from eye ageing
  • spend long hours of intensive eye use at work
  • use displays for more than 3 hours a day
  • age 40+
  • suffer from damaged cornea
  • are undergoing rehabilitation after eye surgery
  • practice snow or water sports


Active components

Recommended daily use  (2 capsules) mg

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Main Ingredients:

fermented scallop hydrolysate, taurine, lutein
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Mode of application:

time per day
while eating
30 days
Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.