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A feature of the drugs trade mark "Doctor Ocean" is a combination of active substances of plant and animal life of the ocean (shark, skate, sea cucumber, sea urchin, brown sea algae, salmon, squid, etc.).

Raw material for drugs produced in ecologically clean areas of the Okhotsk and Japan seas, and upon acceptance for production are thoroughly checked and supervised by the employees of the company, and also investigated on the content of toxic substances, pesticides and radionuclides in the laboratories of the Federal budgetary institution of health "Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Primorsky region".

In order to preserve the value of rare components of aquatic organisms company PharmOcean Lab uses gentle methods of biotechnological processing.

To increase the biological value of foods of marine origin, giving them a focus, and thereby change the structure of consumption by the population in accordance with the principles of balanced and adequate nutrition. 

For better extraction of active substances and oborachivaniya process of enzymatic hydrolysis in the company PharmOcean Lab use ultrasonic technological devices developed by research centers of the far Eastern Federal district.
During drying of the active components, the principle of preservation and conservation of their biological values. For this purpose, a vacuum evaporator and freeze-drying at moderate temperatures.

Generally used in the production technologies remain important for human micro and macronutrient, and their natural origin ensures maximum absorption that allows you to fill the formed in the human body "hunger."

The company PharmOcean Lab in collaboration with scientists and scientific centers of the far Eastern Federal district is constantly improving and developing existing technologies into new products.

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