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Company history

The development history of our company begins with the history of the Partisan Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant (PPS).

The construction of this giant of the pharmaceutical industry was launched in 1978 It was the largest pharmaceutical factory in the Far East. At that time it was the most innovative production, focused on the development and production of unique products, using the resources of the far Eastern seas. Manufactured products are intended for the army and other security agencies of the Soviet Union. But, as you know, for the army, our country has always given the best and most advanced. Such production at that time had no analogues in the world!

In 1996 PHFS out of state ownership and shifted the focus from military requirements for consumer products. Maintaining dense relations with the leading institutes and scientific centers of the Far East, especially with TINRO (Pacific research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography) and using all the experience, researchers and technology companies have developed products such as "KRUSHITSA", "SHELLFISH", "KELP".

In 1997, the company completed a series of scientific studies done on DNA and produced such revolutionary products as "DNA", "DECALIN" and "TINROSTIM" - the preparation of the ganglia of the squid. This allowed the company to become one of the leading suppliers of Oncology clinics and rehabilitation centers.

In 1999, thanks to the success of its products, the company attracted additional investments and reached the Russian Federal market. In assortment of the company products "MESTARIT", "ASCELIN" who have become leaders in the Direct response channel.

In 2004 started the collaboration with several European pharmaceutical companies and Oncology rehabilitation clinics. The company began selling as its substance, and finished products on the French market. In subsequent years, the company has increased the volume of deliveries to EU countries – England, Sweden, and Germany. This is not surprising because the company's products do not have analogues on the world market, and thus had a reasonable price for European consumers.

In 2007, the company entered in the national consortium to develop anti-cancer drug, again due to higher efficiency products, "DNA" and "TINROSTIM".

In 2013, in close cooperation with European partners and for the effective development of sales abroad, we have teamed up with a group of private foreign investors. The result of this merger, the company received the experience of European business management, access to modern technologies of production and processing of raw materials, which increased product quality and efficiency of management.

As a result, was released innovative products such as EXTRA STRENGTH, EXTRA YOUTH, SYSTEM CLEANSING, IMMUNOSTIM, combining all the scientific evolution PFS and safety of European products.

In 2014 the Preparation of ARTRIES received a gold medal at the international competition "the Best goods and services", thereby confirming its special position in the market.

In 2015, the company entered the retail market of Russia and began a successful cooperation with leading pharmacy chains.

In addition, in 2015, was launched advertising campaign to promote the direction of the "marine components" among Russian consumers involving main coverage of communication channels – TV, Internet, press.

The future plans of the company continued innovation in the search for new components of marine origin and their processing methods, the development of new natural bio-complexes and the achievement of leadership positions in the pharmaceutical market of Russia.